Have Google Reader on your desktop thanks to Adobe Air


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If you already know about Adobe Air and the advantages it offers, then you're probably searching far and wide for applications created for your favorite web services like Google Reader to run over it.

ReadAir is an application for AdobeAir that lets you have the feed reader from Google on your desktop. At the moment the project is in beta phase and has only the basic features of Google Reader, but if you don't usually use the options for sharing or the keyboard shortcuts, then you won't even miss them.

ReadAir's interface is very well designed and organized. You can manage your channels and subscriptions from the left panel, see headlines in the top panel, and read the feeds in the main window. From either the headers or the main window, you can mark elements as read or as favorites, as well as open any story in the browser.

Upcoming versions of ReadAir should have more services and features integrated in Google Reader, so we recommend you pay attention to future updates to find out how far it'll go.

Requires Adobe Air.

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